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Mission of IEES - BAS

The mission of IEES is to build, develop and preserve scientific knowledge as regards the production, industrial application and operational know-how of efficient advanced technologies implemented in electrochemical energy systems and the training of highly specialized staff as highly capable experts and consultants at the national and international level. For more than five decades, scientific research activities are being carried out at IEES in the field of fundamental and applied electrochemistry, that are currently structured into four thematic subject areas:

  • Batteries. Research and development aimed at creating novel kinds of rechargeable batteries – lead acid, lithium, metallic, superconductors for energy storage and for powering hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells. Research in the field of hydrogen energy systems – the development and improvement of the technologies for electrochemical production, storage and transformation into "green" hydrogen, development of fuel and reversible cells; the design of prototypes of hydrogen energy systems.
  • Energy materials. Development and testing of new materials (catalysts, catalytic supports, electrodes, electrolytes, additives, inhibitors) for use in various electrochemical systems (batteries, fuel cells, electrochemical sensors, etc.); processes studies, mechanisms of novel knowledge acquisition in the energy materials subject field.
  • Theoretical electrochemistry and electrochemical methods. The development and introduction of modern electrochemical methods, techniques, tools and technologies for characterization, testing, monitoring and diagnostics of different electrochemical systems. The training of specialists, postgraduates and post-doctoral students.

The IEES executes projects funded by the National Fund for Research, the National Innovation Fund, European Framework Programs, NATO, UNESCO, the Global Consortium for Lead Acid Batteries (ALABC) and other international organizations; cooperates with companies from the country and abroad and performs specific assigned tasks in the applied sciences field.

The distributed research infrastructure “Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energetics”, coordinated by IEES, is included in the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures IEES is the founder of the Bulgarian Electrochemical Society and co-founder of the Bulgarian Hydrogen Society.