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Materials Science Laboratory

phone: (+359 2) 979 2708, e-mail:

Research area

The Materials Science Laboratory performs various types of analysis in support of the research activities of IEES, including: X-ray phase and structural analysis of solid phase materials; characterization of crystal/particle size and morphology by electron microscopy techniques (SEM, TEM and X-ray microanalysis). Materials porosity measurements are carried out, including: total pore volume, pore size distribution, bulk and skeletal density, specific surface area, etc. The Laboratory conducts also chemical composition analysis of lead, lithium and nickel compounds, carbons and other chemical substances used as raw materials in the manufacture of electrochemical power sources, as well as of the intermediate products obtained as a result of chemical conversions at different stages of battery operation.


  • Sasho Vassilev, Professor, PhD (head)
  • Mariela Dimitrova, Res. Assist., PhD
  • Adriana Gigova, Res. Assist.
  • Ognyan Dimitrov, PhD student
  • Rositsa Andreeva, Technologist
  • Yordanka Kovacheva, Technologist
  • Antonia Bakalova, Technologist

Projects (2011 - 2021)

The Materials Science Laboratory provides service to all IEES researchers in support of their research activities and projects, as well as to other research institutes of BAS and to universities and higher institutes.

Publications (2011 - 2019)

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